Jul 26 2011
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In response to a fan on Facebook, Torrie addressed the fake accounts out there about her:

“Honestly, I think that’s awful. When you accept imposters as your friends, all you are doing is supporting the posers who are impersonating me. This is my ONLY page for fans and if you are willingly part of other Torrie pages, all you are doing is saying it’s OK for others to impersonate me and I don’t think that’s right! I hate all the fake accounts. It’s illegal and some people need to get a life instead of pretending to be someone they aren’t!”

Please DO NOT give in to fake accounts. This is a growing matter for a lot of public figures, not just Torrie. Be smart and report the accounts that you know are fake. It is illegal and below are the ONLY official links for Torrie Wilson. Torrie is not on any other social media sites except for Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

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