Aug 04 2011
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As reported previously, TLC attended the Beverly 4 Red Carpet Event the other night and Lilian and Candice tweeted pictures, Torrie tweeted one afterward. Thanks to Facebook User: Silvio G for the heads up about a video taken of the trio outside of the event. The girls, especially Lilian and Candice seemed to be a little tipsy though Candice expressed she was sober haha. The girls talked about Diva Maryse’s stalker situation in which Torrie replied she stalks her too and stands behind the stalker stalking her. When asked about a comeback, Torrie asked why can’t they just be done? She said the current Divas can’t handle T-Dub! At one point Torrie walked away from her silly friends saying oh my gawd before leaving. The girls appeared to be waiting for the valet, taking photos and signing autographs for those around them as well as chatting with them. Thanks to YouTube User: twist1969 for sharing, be sure to subscribe to his profile as he’s an active LA photographer! Thanks Twist!

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