Sep 16 2011
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Not much going on in the world of Torrie, she hasn’t posted much on her social media sites to know what she’s been up to however, she did tweet a few days ago a couple things:

09/11 – “Have 7 friends visiting from Texas this weekend & ate at Boa steakhouse tonight, but…fish for me please : )”

09/13 – “4 days of dancing & sightseeing w/ my visitors & a 12 mile run today made the 60 minute foot massage I just got THE BEST THING EVER! Mi amore’!!”

09/15 – “Have you guys seen the show “The wild & wonderful whites of West Virginia”? This is GREAT STUFF!! Can’t stop watching!”

Today she tweeted some wise words:

“Bitter peeps = sad peeps. CHOOSE to be happy no matter what your circumstance…the only person who suffers is YOU. #LoveYourLife”

P.S. Sorry for not posting anything these past few days, Torrie news is slow right now. I’ll do another “Back That Up” soon!

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