Sep 23 2011
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In our newest feature, “Decisions, Decisions”, you get to decide! Kind of like our “Back That Up” feature of past photos/videos/etc of Torrie but instead, a poll form of some sort relating to Torrie, where the decision is yours to make! You decide! In the first poll, you decide which Diva does the best stinkface? The stinkface has been done by SO many Divas, of course after it was originated by Torrie Wilson! The “stinkface” in general got it’s start from Rikishi but Torrie used it in various matches as one of her moves in her moveset later on in her career. Since then, Maryse Ouellet, Kelly Kelly and Brooke Adams have had a rendition of the stinkface so just which woman does the best stinkface? Hm, decisions, decisions!

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