Oct 06 2011
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I reported a few weeks back that Torrie got a hair cut and she hadn’t posted any pictures…until now. So for those who have been asking for pictures of her hair cut, get on the edge of your seat!

Torrie posted her Wednesday photo saying: “Can’t help it…love pics with the pups : ) It’s pouring rain today so I made em have a photo shoot w/ mom. They need to earn their keep!” Haha she is so cute! Torrie posted a new photo of her with dogs Chloe, Pepper and Stewie, also showing off her new hair cut in the photo! Looks great Torrie!

Also, she updates her Ebay often with new and old stuff that she is selling, pictures taken prior to hair cut but her newest auction of the lingerie she wore during the Evening Gown Match at Wrestlemania 20 has Torrie showing off the lingerie, sporting her new do! The pictures are above and you can access them via the links below!

Stay tuned for 15+ new photos from Torrie’s Oxygen Magazine shoot!

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