Dec 30 2011
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Looks like all the news and buzz has caught up to A-Rod as all of the celeb news sites are jumping on the story of him and Torrie. is the latest site and has additional insight. They also provided a couple new pictures from the Mexico vacation where Torrie is sitting in the background while A-Rod uses binoculars.

From — He’s getting to grips with a wrestler now! Alex Rodriguez linked to former WWE star Torrie Wilson: It has not taken baseball star Alex Rodriguez long to get over his split from movie star Cameron Diaz. The 36-year-old slugger is now believed to be getting to grips with former WWE star Torrie Wilson. A woman who appeared to be the blonde grappler was spotted holidaying with Rodriguez as he spent time with his friend George Clooney in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

New love: Alex Rodriguez standing yards from the girl believed to be Torrie Wilson as he holidays in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico today: George’s girlfriend Stacy Keibler and Torrie, 36 are best friends, so it makes sense the foursome would hook-up for some Christmas holidays fun. Stacy and Torrie got to grips with each other in a dramatic lingerie match in 2001, with A-Rod’s latest squeeze emerging the victor. The holiday follows on from rumours he had spend Christmas with the blonde star, who is his second girlfriend in the last few months. Alex has been a very busy boy since splitting from The Mask star Cameron in September, as he has already been linked to two different lookalikes.

Pedigree chum: Torrie seems to be standing to the right of her old WWE pal Stacy as she holds her pet dog. A fan of blondes: Torrie is the third he has dated in a row following Cameron Diaz and Ella Magers: Today he was spotted holidaying with a woman believed to Torrie, who was standing yards away from him as he enjoyed a spot of birdwatching, and was also seen chatting with fellow wrestling star Stacy. Alex is said to have visited Boise, Idaho, recently apparently to spend Christmas with Torrie and her family. He was spotted pumping iron in a local gym, and had his picture taken by newscaster Mike Murad. He tweeted: ‘In case you missed it, here’s A Rod at the gym Monday, about 20 feet away from me. The paparazzi are everywhere! ‘I was told he was visiting a friend. The Statesman has more if you want to check it out.’

Another eyewitness at the gym Randy Simon said the baseball hero had been working out with Torrie, who is a previous Miss Galaxy fitness competition champion. He added: ‘I thought to myself, “That’s not Alex Rodriguez. Why would he be in Boise?” ‘Then I saw some people come up and shake his hand.’ Torrie had also posted on her Twitter account about being in Idaho, with the knowing wink symbol at the end of her message ‘So happy to be with family & friends ; )’ now seeming more significant. His gym visit is not the first time the star has been spotted in the company of Torrie. He had been seen cycling with the 5’7″ pin-up. They had also went on a cycling trip together, though it was thought he was his previous sporty blonde companion Ella Magers.

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