Jan 11 2012
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Torrie tweeted a new TwitPic (she also posted it on her Facebook) of her showing off her hot bod posing near the pool in the sun with dogs Stewie and Pepper. I assume Torrie is still in Miami. Torrie has been rocking a new slimmer body as of late since her beach shots in Cabo San Lucas and bearing almost all poolside in Miami. It turns out Torrie has started a cleanse.

Yesterday she tweeted: “Hey guys checkout one of my super hot and good friends! @GenaLeeNolin — love this woman! (Gena has joined Twitter.) Today she tweeted: “Day 1, hour 4 of a juice cleanse to get rid of all those toxins. I’m missing food already. Just keep thinking how great I’ll feel!” She tweeted her stylist Alison back when she asked “out of how many days” saying: “lol 3 days baby! Not sure I’m up for more than that!”

With the TwitPic she said: “Sunshine w/ two of the loves of my life! Chloe’s at the salon gettin’ her hair did lol.” — She said something similar when posting the picture on Facebook: “Getting some sun with my main squeeze Stevie & his sister Pepper.”

She also tweeted former WWE Diva Lena Yada when Lena tweeted in regards to Torrie’s TwitPic: “Thx Torrie…was just telling Lisa Marie I was getting my swole on like her then you post a fit picture of you. Gotta work harder now!” Torrie tweeted back saying: “lol girl, I’m sure you look AMAZING!” and Lena responded saying: “I’m princess fluffy right now. The dreaded skinny fat lol! Will use you gals as inspiration, no excuses!”

A day in the life of skinny girls, complaining that they’re not skinny enough! Torrie, we think you look great! A little TOO great!

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