Jan 12 2012
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Torrie has been mentioning on her Twitter about doing a cleanse. Today she revealed more details on the cleanse. I have her tweets in direction form plus her workout she has mentioned, all the information you need to try Torrie’s cleanse and get Torrie’s fit rockin’ body. Torrie tweeted: “I’m “cleansing” all the toxins that get built up in the body. It’s a great thing for anyone to do, if done right. I’m not doing it for weight loss.” You can use it for that reason or to rid the toxins as well.

Three Day Cleanse: Fresh fruit & veggie juices every 2 hours. For day 1 & 2, eat a big salad in the afternoon. On day 3, it’s completely all juice every 2 hours to pack in lots of nutrients. If you think you can handle another day, try it…

Workouts: Torrie loves to run and recently mentioned she got new running shoes. She also hits up the gym and does yoga.

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