Jan 23 2012
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Not much going on in the world of Torrie. She had a quiet weekend it seems as nothing has surfaced. She has been tweeting here and there and replying to some fans as well.

01/21 – “What’s everyone up to on this great day?”
“Me? I’m thinking of going for a bike ride and then to try out some bikrim yoga this afternoon : )”
“Wow! Forgot how good it feels to sweat all those toxins out in bikrim yoga…feel great! Have you guys tried it?”

01/22 – “WOW WHAT A GAME! Sorry @StacyKeibler – I’m sure you aren’t happy : (” She’s referring to the Patriots beating the Ravens in the playoffs to see who will go to the Super Bowl (Stacy is a Ravens fan.)
“Ok many times we all need a second chance or 3rd depending…on the offense. Agree?”

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