Feb 09 2012
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Torrie tweeted today: “REDEYE flight last night and going straight to the gym to fight off jet lag! Not sure if I’m insane or not, lol. What are y’all up to today?” After a weekend in Vegas, she spent a few days in California and I assume they caught a red eye last night back to Miami. Photos are from Zimbio.com and their caption said: ” Alex Rodriguez and Torrie Wilson prepare to depart LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).” Torrie is seen in comfy pajama type pants and a noticeably see through black tank top, hat and flip flops with her dogs and coat in her hands.

Torrie also tweeted: “We all have our own idea of what’s beautiful…and I’m so grateful to not feel the pressure to conform to someone else’s ideal. #Confident” — nicely put, Tor!

Update 02/10: Torrie tweeted: “HAPPY B-DAY to one of my very besties! (Lisa Marie Varon) Love you like a sister…STILL after all these years! Wish I was there to smooch ya!!” — “Just curious…what’s everyone doing tonight? I’m snuggled up in bed watching the much hyped about movie “Money Ball”. Early am wake up!”

Update 02/11: “Happy Saturday! Loving the rain in Miami this morning!” — “Wow it’s so cool to hear about your weather all across the world today!”

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