Feb 22 2012
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Torrie posted a bizarre new photo on Facebook. She is making a funny face while holding a broom I believe haha, girl is nuts! No caption was posted with the photo so I’m not sure what this is about. Torrie is usually posting funny photos though.

She also gave the heads up on Twitter when a fan mentioned that the NY Post has dubbed her “T-Bod” haha her response: “Lol thanks for the info!” — My response: “Uh, thanks NY Post?”

UPDATE: Torrie commented on her photo finally! Haha she posted: “Haha love the guesses! I’m actually doing my own dance I like to call “the sweep”…yep, I’m a dork : )”

UPDATE 02/23: Torrie tweeted: “Tampa…we meet again!..I’ve missed you so very much : )”

Torrie use to live in Tampa, FL for about 5 years before 2006. Wonder why she’s there?

Also, Torrie tweeted love to us! Saying “Love you, too, always!” — Thanks, Tor! <3 Related Links:
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