Mar 30 2012
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This year marks the 28th annual Wrestlemania Pay-Per-View Event. Torrie has been apart of a record breaking SIX Wrestlemanias and this year will be SEVEN! Although she was with the company in 2002, she was not on screen at Wrestlemania 18. Her first official Wrestlemania was 19 in 2003 and she became a regular the next 4 years at 20 (2004), 21 (2005), 22 (2006) and 23 (2007). Although she was not on screen at 24 (2008), Torrie was apart of the festivities. Torrie came back for the 25th annual Wrestlemania in a special Divas Battle Royal in 2009 after retiring the year before. Three years later in 2012, the event will be held in Miami, Florida around the time Torrie will be there for a signing appearance and it’s been confirmed that Torrie will be at the show and do weekend festivities with the WWE. This will be the 9th Wrestlemania that Torrie has been at. will have ALL the Wrestlemania coverage on Torrie!

Wrestlemania 18 – Torrie was with the WWE in 2002, but wasn’t involved in WM 18.

Wrestlemania 19 – Torrie, Stacy & the Miller Lite Catfight Girls – Television Captures | Digitals | Video

Wrestlemania 20 – Torrie & Sable vs Stacy & Miss. Jackie – Television Captures | Digitals | Candids | Press Con. | Video

Wrestlemania 21 – Torrie Accompanies Roddy Pipper – Television Captures | Press Conference | Video

Wrestlemania 22 – Torrie vs Candice Michelle – Television Captures | Digitals | Fan Axxess | Video

Wrestlemania 23 – Torrie Lumberjills for Melina vs Ashley – Television Captures | Video

Wrestlemania 24 – Torrie was with the WWE in 2008, but wasn’t involved in WM 24.

Wrestlemania 25 – Torrie in a Divas Battle Royal – Television Captures | Digitals | Fan Axxess | Shoot | Video

Wrestlemania 28 – Torrie is set to participate in festivities and be at the show. Stay tuned for coverage!

P.S. Check out two RARE videos and captures of Torrie at the 2006 and 2009 Hall of Fame! Special thanks to our wonderful visitor, KellyMarie for sharing these videos with us! 2006 HOF Captures | 2009 HOF Captures

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