Apr 01 2012
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It’s finally Wrestlemania 28! Torrie previously said she’d be tweeting and I have the coverage! She tweeted earlier today: “What a fun day today! Watching the Yankees play & following that up w/ #Wrestlemania ; )” — She also finally caved and predicted! She tweeted: “Ok, #TeamBringIt” — so I guess she’s going with the Rock!

As of like 8:30 PM that night, Torrie started tweeting during the Hell in the Cell match! 1st she tweeted: “Let’s Go Undertaker” including a TwitPic of the cell at the arena in the distance. 2nd she tweeted: “Ok this is awesome! Heading to brave the crowd ringside!” including a TwitPic of her with the match in the background. 3rd she tweeted: “Awesome” with a TwitPic of Rock vs Cena match. And ended the night by tweeting: “Had so much fun seeing so many familiar faces at #Wrestlemania – wow what a show! Nobody does it better. Good times : )”

Originally, Torrie and A-Rod were planning on being backstage to hang out after reports said they’d be at ringside then it looked like she was tweeting from the Skybox and eventually she said they were headed ringside. WWE did indeed show the two on screen at Wrestlemania 28 sitting ringside! Torrie and A-Rod laughed, waved and clapped happily as the crowd roared.

Please enjoy the TwitPics, on screen television captures and the digital that WWE.com posted of Torrie and A-Rod at WM.

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