Apr 06 2012
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Torrie tweeted: “Checkout this cool contraption I’m trying out! Helps w/ circulation…compresses w/ air. My legs are tingling. She responded to a fan who asked what it did and said: “fills up with air & compresses your legs!” Later she also tweeted: “Did you know that swordfish has crazy high amounts of mercury? #NotGoodForYou”

UPDATE 04/08: Torrie tweeted on the 7th: “Goodbye Tampa, see you soon! Seriously can’t wait to get on the plane and get some zzz’s ; )” — It looks like Torrie flew from Tampa, FL to Los Angeles where her home is as she tweeted today: “Hello home. Forgot what you looked like for a minute. I’ll be outta your hair shortly…but will surely enjoy our time before I go again.” — Not sure where she spent Easter or if she’s already back in Florida by this point but she also tweeted today: “HAPPY EASTER! Boy oh boy I’m so grateful for the amazing, beautiful people & blessings in my life. #GodIsGreat – love you guys!”

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