Apr 20 2012
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Torrie has finally joined Instagram! I got Instagram earlier this year and it’s becoming a big deal! Haha however, it IS an iPhone application so you can only get Instagram or access Torrie’s Instagram if you have a smart phone. BUT, Torrie-Wilson.org will post all of her Instagram photos, HERE! You may also get a few that Torrie tweets as it can be synched to other social media but Torrie-Wilson.org always has the latest on Torrie Wilson and always will! Promise!

So far, she has posted two photos. She posted one last night of her with Chloe and Stewie and then one today of her on her way to Houston as she tweeted she was going to Houston, (Texas) for a friend’s wedding shower, saying it was raining cats and dogs, hoping to make it there. Hang in there, Tor and chin up!

Torrie also posted a new photo of herself at the baseball game last night on Facebook. She tweeted a TwitPic of the field from her seats and then stood by the field for a photo. Click the links below for all photos.

UPDATE: Torrie tweeted a new TwitPic of her with her friend and her friend’s daughter!

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