Thanks to the Associated Press AP Photos & Yahoo Sports, we have four photos of Torrie at the Yankees vs Royals Game on 05/22/12. Torrie was sitting with a friend in the stands wearing a green shirt, hair down and wild, but ever so pretty! She was all smiles which is fitting because the Yankees pulled out a 3-2 victory after suffering a losing streak of three games including a 0-6 loss to the Royals on Monday the 21st. The Yankees meet the Royals tonight for the third time this week. I imagine Torrie will be heading to California on Friday when the Yankees play there this weekend and part of next week.

An interesting note about this game is that Torrie was nearly hit by a ball! It was briefly shown on camera and Torrie tweeted about the incident: “So my friend gave me his seat & sat in mine at the Yankees game tonight…and he got hit by a ball right next to me! Close call! #MeSoLucky” — lucky is right but a fan suggested what I’m thinking, catch it! Haha to which Torrie responded: “ha when in doubt…duck! He’s ok though, thanks : )” Glad everyone is OKay!

UPDATE 05/24: Torrie tweeted: “Morning! Headed to the airport w/ doggies in tow…so excited to be in LA today. Can’t wait to see my friends this week & feel the Cali sun : )” She also tweeted: “Hehe…my little world travelers. Stewie is hiding. So happy to be in Cali!” Including a TwitPic of her dogs in their travel bags.

She also tweeted: “Ha! You know you have been away from home a long time when your car won’t start from sitting there not being used. #girlneedsajump!” and “guy asks if I play tennis…I say “no”, then he says he’s a pro player & gives lessons & hands me his card saying “talent manager” #onlyinLA”

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