May 29 2012
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Torrie tweeted: “Omg I could sit here all day…so peaceful : )” after being quiet the majority of the weekend. On Thursday she landed back in California where she resides for the first time in months. She tweeted a photo of her dogs upon landing, you can see that TwitPic and the TwitPic of the ocean that she included with her “peaceful” tweet.

Later that night, her BFF Candice Michelle tweeted: “Getting dolled up for a night with Torrie Wilson… fun, food, and baseball! Sounds heavenly!” She also tweeted: “It’s very difficult when your pregnant to find something to wear to a baseball game! Lol” — Candice is pregnant with her 2nd child as mentioned prior.

So far, nothing else has been posted by either, but hopefully they will! PS stay tuned for two new site features! #C #SS

UPDATE 05/30: Torrie tweeted: “Had such a great time w/ @DIVACANDICEM & my sis in law Holly last night! #MakingMemories” including a TwitPic of the three. Candice Michelle responded tweeting: “Had a blast with @Torrie11 at the baseball game yesterday! Thanks TWub! Love you” and she included a TwitPic of her own.

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