Jun 15 2012
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WWE.com runs features on their website (I’ve posted Torrie related ones before) and one of their latest ones is a special “Divas of Raw” photo focus. I’m sure they didn’t include ALL the Divas of Raw but Torrie is included with various other Divas and each Diva had three photos. Torrie was in another Divas’ photo as well. Torrie made her debut in the WWE on Raw in June of 2001 and was a regular on Raw until exclusively being drafted to Smackdown in March of 2002. Torrie spent the next three years on Smackdown before returning to Raw in August of 2005. Torrie was on Raw up until June of 2007 before being drafted back to Smackdown and stayed there until she retired the following year in May of 2008.

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