Jun 16 2012
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Week 3 of our 14 week Summer Sizzler is underway, taking a look back at the year 2001, a huge year, changing Torrie’s career in a big way. From 1997 to 2001, Torrie did fitness modeling and during 1999 and 2000, Torrie was apart of WCW wrestling. After being released from the company in late 2000, Torrie continued modeling until she got a call from the WWE early on in 2001 when they bought WCW/ECW and she was signed to a deal with the biggest wrestling company in the world. Torrie was still modeling and now involved in big roles in WWE, managing, learning to wrestle and doing media appearances. She continued modeling, gracing covers, being involved with WWE throughout 2001 and even got a chance to be on Howard Stern.

Torrie debuted in the WWE in June of 2001 and became an instant hit. Torrie infamously “seduced” Vince and got him in trouble with his wife during this year. She was training to wrestle and took part in the first ever Tag Team Bra and Panties match with friend Stacy Keibler (whom she met in WCW in 2000) against WWE’s top Divas Lita and Trish Stratus, sure to be a sizzler as all Divas lost bits of clothing in the match at the Invasion pay-per-view in July 2001. Torrie continued her villainous ways until she became a manager to Tajiri in September 2001, a good guy and feuded with former bad girl and friend, Stacy, giving us a lingerie match in October and a Christmas eggnog match in December.

Below you can view television captures from her times in WWE in 2001 as well as Magazines she got to be in during 2001 and photoshoots she took part in. Finally, there is various videos of some of these sizzling moments mentioned above.

Please join us every Saturday starting June 2nd through September 1st for our Summer Sizzler! Enjoy!

Torrie Wilson “Sizzling” on WWE Television – WWE Raw | WWE Smackdown | WWE Pay-Per-Views | WWE Heat

Torrie Wilson “Sizzling” in Magzines – Iron Man Magazine – April 2001 | Oxygen Magazine – Sept 2001

Torrie Wilson “Sizzling” in Photoshoots – Various Photoshoots | WWE Photoshoots

Watch Videos: Seducing Vince | Bra & Panties Match | Lingerie Match | Eggnog Match

Photos of Torrie on Howard Stern | Watch Torrie on Howard Stern

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