Week 4 of our 14 week Summer Sizzler is underway, taking a look back at the year 2002, a huge transitional year for Torrie’s career that catapulted her into WWE Diva Super Stardom. Recapping our previous weeks, from 1997 to 2001, Torrie did fitness modeling and during 1999 and 2000, Torrie was apart of WCW wrestling. In May 2001, Torrie signed on with the WWE and made her debut that June. With the WWE, she modeled, wrestled, managed, etc. After being heel then turning into a good girl appearing on all WWE shows, Torrie was exclusively drafted to Smackdown in March 2002. That year, Torrie left her managerial role and went out on her own, taking part in mega sizzling feuds with Stacy Keibler, Dawn Marie and Nidia. Torrie also appeared in the Divas 2002 annual special that summer as well as the Divas Undressed special that fall.

Torrie appeared on the cover of the Divas 2002 and Divas Undressed home video cover as well as being apart of the home video and magazine. Torrie also went on to compete and win the first and only Divas Thongathon Award around the time of the Divas Undressed special. She also competed in her first and only Women’s Title match but unfortunately didn’t win it nor did she ever win it during her career. Throughout 2002, Torrie tagged with top stars to take on her Diva counterparts in tag matches and by the end of 2002, Torrie took part in one of her longest and best feuds and storylines in her career with Dawn Marie who eventually (although it was just a scripted storyline and was never real) married Torrie’s father, had a kissing scene with Torrie and had some of the most memorable matches, showdowns and contests that was sure to leave it’s sizzling mark on WWE history. Torrie’s 2002 ended with a cliff hanger of what was to come in 2003. Spoiler Alert: It only gets more sizzling!

Below you can view television captures from her times in WWE in 2002 as well as Magazines she got to be in during 2002 and photoshoots she took part in. Finally, there is various videos of some of these sizzling moments mentioned above.

Please join us every Saturday starting June 2nd through September 1st for our Summer Sizzler! Enjoy!

Torrie Wilson “Sizzling” on WWE Television – WWE Raw | WWE Smackdown | WWE Pay-Per-Views

Torrie Wilson “Sizzling” in Magzines – WWE Magazines | Divas 2002 | More In Gallery

Torrie Wilson “Sizzling” in Photoshoots – Various Photoshoots | WWE Photoshoots

Watch Videos: Divas 2002 Segment | Divas Thongathon Preview | Bikini Contest vs Dawn Marie

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Torrie Anne Wilson, 45, is a fitness icon, model, actress and retired American professional wrestler. She is best known for her tenures in WCW & WWE, where she worked on their various brands throughout her 10 year run. Aside from wrestling, Torrie has been on the cover of various magazines, including Oxygen, FHM and Playboy, which she posed for twice. Torrie has also appeared on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here reality show as well as several other television shows. She has also ventured into business via the fashion & clothing industry. Torrie is currently a health coach for in addition to other miscellaneous projects. She became a WWE Hall of Famer in 2019. MORE >>>



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