Jun 25 2012
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Week 1 of our 5 Week “Torrie’s Greatest Raw Moments” special is underway, taking a look back at Torrie’s Greatest Raw Moments in the year 2001. It begins with Torrie’s debut on Raw in July and ends in December when she participated in an Eggnog Match.

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Torrie’s Raw Debut – July 02, 2001 – Torrie makes her debut on Raw and helps Linda McMahon by “seducing” Vince and embarrassing him on national television, thus joining the WCW/ECW alliance. – Television Captures | Watch Video

Torrie’s First Raw Action – July 16, 2001 – Stacy and Torrie interfere during a Divas match but fail to get the best of Lita and Trish, their WWE rivals and future opponents. – Television Captures | Watch Video

Torrie’s first WWE Gimmick Match – July 23, 2001 – Torrie defeats Trish Stratus in a Spanking/Paddle on the Pole Match and paddles Trish. – Television Captures | Watch Video

Torrie’s First WWE Mixed Tag Action – July 30, 2001 – Torrie & Hurricane defeat Lita & Matt Hardy.
Television Captures | Watch Video

Torrie Leaves The Alliance – September 10, 2001 – Torrie takes interest in WWE’s Tajiri and becomes his manager, thus joining the WWE side and starts accompanying him to ringside. – Television Captures | Watch Video

Torrie Tastes Wood – October 08, 2001 – Thanks to former friend Stacy Keibler, the Dudley Boyz get their hands on Torrie and puts her through a table. – Television Captures | Watch Video

First Ever Eggnog Match – December 24, 2001 – Torrie defeats Stacy Keibler in the first ever Eggnog Gimmick Match.
Television Captures | Watch Video

Please join us every Monday up until Raw’s 1000th Show on July 23rd as each week we will go year by year unveiling Torrie’s Greatest Raw Moments, unveiling Torrie’s personal favorite moment and then you get to decide in a poll feature your favorite.

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