Jul 02 2012
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Week 2 of our 5 Week “Torrie’s Greatest Raw Moments” special is underway, taking a look back at Torrie’s Greatest Raw Moments in the years 2002 and 2005. It begins in January 2002 when Torrie was still managaing Tajiri and had a slight continuation of her feud with Stacy Keibler. 2002 was not a big Raw year for Torrie as she was drafted to Smackdown and was never on Raw again until she and Candice Michelle shocked the world in August 2005 by returning to Raw as bad girls, initiating new Diva Search winner, Ashley. It didn’t take long before Torrie and Candice formed a trio of bad girls called Vince’s Devils and feuded the likes of Ashley, Mickie James & Trish Stratus. The three bad girls steamed up Raw for the remember of the year and continued into 2006.

View All Television Captures From WWE Raw 2002 & 2005

Torrie’s Returns to Raw – August 22, 2005 – Torrie and Candice shocked the world when they returned to Raw and immediately formed a bad girl group called Vince’s Devils and took on the good girls. – Television Captures | Watch Video

Chloe Gets Raw – September 19, 2005 – Torrie’s brings her dog Chloe to the ring during Raw and becomes a mascot for her stable and a weapon during matches. – Television Captures | Watch Video

Bra & Panties Homecoming – October 03, 2005 – Torrie, Candice & Victoria lose their clothes in a Bra & Panties match against Ashley, Mickie & Trish at WWE Homecoming – Television Captures | Watch Video

Furry Torrie Wilson – November 28, 2005 – After a brief month hiatus from Raw, Torrie re-returned during a 6 Divas Tag Match wearing an unforgettable furry white outfit & boots to match. – Television Captures | Watch Video

Please join us every Monday up until Raw’s 1000th Show on July 23rd as each week we will go year by year unveiling Torrie’s Greatest Raw Moments, unveiling Torrie’s personal favorite moment and then you get to decide in a poll feature your favorite.

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