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Week 3 of our 5 Week “Torrie’s Greatest Raw Moments” special is underway, taking a look back at Torrie’s Greatest Raw Moments in the years 2006 and 2007. It begins in January 2006 when she was still with Vince’s Devils to December 2006 when she formed a relationship with Carlito. 2007 started off where 2006 left off with Carlito in January and goes through til she was drafted in June.

View All Television Captures From WWE Raw 2006 & 2007

The “Devils” Break Up – March 06, 2006 – Torrie established Vince’s Devils with Victoria & Candice in August 2005. When Candice posed for Playboy in March 2006, she & Victoria turned on Torrie! – Television Captures | Watch Video

Torrie the Cheerleader – May 01, 2006 – Torrie & Maria teamed up and defeated Mickie James & Victoria in a Cheerleader themed match! – Television Captures | Watch Video

Wet n Wild Match – June 12, 2006 – Torrie defeated Candice Michelle in the hottest match that summer, a Wet n Wild match! – Television Captures | Watch Video

School Girl Match – August 28, 2006 – Although Candice defeated Torrie in this School Girl spanking match, both Divas ended up taking turns spanking each other! – Television Captures | Watch Video

“That Gold Top” – December 04, 2006 – Torrie wore “that” gold top, the top that should be banned from television! In this case, the straps broke and well, I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination! – Television Captures | Watch Video

Miss WWE Raw – January 15, 2007 – During Vince McMahon’s battle with Donald Trump, he made his own Miss USA, Miss WWE Raw Torrie come to the ring in an evening gown! – Television Captures | Watch Video

Milan’s Fashionista – April 15, 2007 – Torrie has always been a fashionista and it was only fitting that the fans in Milan, Italy voted her best dressed! – Television Captures | Watch Video

Torrie Teams w/ Ric Flair – May 28, 2007 – After Carlito turned on Torrie, Ric Flair made the save and she even teamed up with the Hall of Famer and wrestling icon! – Television Captures | Watch Video

Torrie Gets Drafted – June 11, 2007 – After spending three years on SD, Torrie was drafted to Raw in 2005 but two years later, Torrie was drafted back to SD! – Television Captures | Video 1 | Video 2

Please join us every Monday up until Raw’s 1000th Show on July 23rd as each week we will go year by year unveiling Torrie’s Greatest Raw Moments, unveiling Torrie’s personal favorite moment and then you get to decide in a poll feature your favorite.

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