Jul 16 2012
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Week 4 of our 5 Week “Torrie’s Greatest Raw Moments” special is underway, taking a look back at Torrie’s Greatest Raw Moments in all her years on Raw 2001, 2005, 2006 & 2007. For the past 3 weeks, you guys have voted year by year for your favorite moment and now it’s time to vote for the OVERALL GREATEST Torrie Raw Moment. You can vote at the poll below and it’s also on the top left of the site. Below are each year’s results and the poll features each year’s top moment for voting in the overall greatest moment.

Please vote in the poll to decide the greatest overall Torrie Raw Moment and check back next Monday in our 5th and final week when I reveal the results of Torrie’s GREATEST Raw Moment, plus Torrie’s favorite moment. July 23rd is Raw’s 1000th show!

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