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Week 9 of our 14 week Summer Sizzler is underway (just 5 weeks left), taking a look back at the year 2007, at this point Torrie has become one of WWE’s top Divas! Recapping our previous weeks, from 1997 to 2001, Torrie did fitness modeling and during 1999 and 2000, Torrie was apart of WCW wrestling. In May 2001, Torrie signed on with the WWE and made her debut that June. With the WWE, she modeled, wrestled, managed, etc. After being heel then turning into a good girl appearing on all WWE shows, Torrie was exclusively drafted to Smackdown in March 2002 and rose to stardom that year. 2003 began where 2002 left off with one big feud after the other as well as posing for Playboy and doing special matches and segments here and there. 2004 continued with that pattern. Once 2005 came, Torrie was one of WWE’s top Divas. Torrie did a few minor things on Smackdown up until she was drafted to Raw in August 2005. She was involved with Diva matches, ring announcing, backstage segments but she made her presence known when she came back to Raw. 2006 continued with Vince’s Devils, in March they turned on Torrie and she went off on her own, competing in Divas matches & segments throughout 2006 until she was paired with Carlito that October which led into 2007 and was a taste of what was to come in 2007. Torrie was with Carlito, doing Divas matches & segments as well up until he turned on her in May 2007. She continued her storyline with him until she was drafted to Smackdown in June 2007. Once on Smackdown, Torrie immediately started a long feud with former friend, Victoria, teaming in tag matches with Jimmy Wang Yang and being a bridesmaid for Teddy Long’s wedding. Torrie was nearly a regular on Smackdown until she was put out of action in November 2007 due to a back injury!

In addition to WWE Television, Torrie appeared on the cover of the Divas 2007 magazine as well as being inside it. Torrie did a lot of appearances while promoting WWE events as a spokeswoman for WWE. Torrie also appeared in WWE Magazines.

Below you can view television captures from her times in WWE in 2007 as well as Magazines she got to be in during 2007 and photoshoots she took part in. Finally, there is various videos of some of these sizzling moments mentioned above.

Please join us every Saturday starting June 2nd through September 1st for our Summer Sizzler! Enjoy!

Torrie Wilson “Sizzling” on WWE Television – Raw | Smackdown | Pay-Per-Views | All Others

Torrie Wilson “Sizzling” in Magzines – WWE Magazines | Divas Magazines | Fitness | Popular

Torrie Wilson “Sizzling” in Photoshoots – Various Photoshoots | WWE Photoshoots | Divas Photoshoots

Torrie Wilson “Sizzling” at Appearances – View All Photos from 2007 Appearances

Watch Videos: Raw: Torrie vs Carlito | SD: Tag Team Match | SD: Torrie’s Last Match

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