Aug 21 2012
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Torrie is currently in Chicago as the Yankees are playing there. Both she and BFF Lisa Maria Varon aka Tara aka Victoria tweeted the heads up days prior. Torrie tweeted: “Heading to Chi-town with my pups in tow! Can’t wait to see my friends there…including the nutcase @TARALiSAMARiE ; )” Torrie also posted 3 new photos on Instagram. One with Stewie and two with Lisa Marie. She tweeted: “My hunky baby : )” (w/ Stewie) then “Lunch w/ one of my very favorite people : ) @TARALiSAMARiE” and later “Shopping buddies : )”

Lisa Marie also sent out her series of tweets as she tweets A LOT but here are just a few: “Getting ready to see my princess @Torrie11 – Yay! I love reunions!” “Going to a @WhiteSox game with @Torrie11, but still loyal to my Cubs” “Getting ready to go shopping with @Torrie11. This could be very dangerous.” She also posted two photos of her with Torrie and one with Torrie and another friend on Twitter as well. I guess the girls just want to have fun!

Torrie also gave two special birthday shoutouts tweeting on 08/18: “Today is my grandma’s 97th birthday…and let me tell ya, I’ve never met a more inspiring woman. Still runs her own business at 97! #GoingStrong” and on 08/19: “Happy Birthday to my buddy @LilianGarcia!!! Be sure to download her song on iTunes, available today!” Happy belated birthday to them both!

UPDATE 08/24: Added two new Instagram photos from Torrie! One of Chloe and one of her w/ a friend!

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