Aug 27 2012
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First, Torrie has posted some new photos on Instagram that she links to her Twitter and Facebook. She posted a very cute one of Chloe hanging out the car window and one with friend, Alison (her stylist) and then another with Alison and Alicia (formerly Ryan Shamrock). Not sure where Torrie is but both of her friends live in Los Angeles, California.

Also, the company EvolvHealth, that labels Torrie as one of their Ambassadors started a new H.O.P.E. challenge a week or so ago and have made various videos and released various information on their Facebook about the new H.O.P.E. challenge. I don’t know much about Torrie’s involvement with this company as it is fairly new but I will let their website and Facebook do the speaking so check out their Facebook and the H.O.P.E. website below for a video. There’s photos in our gallery from the video.

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