Sep 05 2012
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Sorry for the lack of updates, though there hasn’t really been much news, I have also been very busy. However, here’s a catch up of the only news there has been on Torrie this week and I will be starting a “Flashback Friday” that’s affiliated with our “Back That Up” feature to show a flashback of something Torrie related every Friday to keep the updates flowing.

08/28: “Fresh off a redeye flight and not so sure why I made a morning date at the gym…but surely I’m not flaking. #noflakesallowed” Later she tweeted: “If you try to eat healthy & love french fries like I do…you need to try these! So yummy. Cauliflower! Mmmm!” She posted a photo of them.

08/29: She posted a photo of all 3 of her dogs wearing Yankee apparel, tweeting: “They got the fever…Yankee fever. Lol” Later she tweeted: “true happiness means finding the good in everyone & accepting yourself for who you are. Everyone is special…even meanies! #alwaysblessed”

09/02: “Had the best day today with friends, little and big! Here’s a few of us after hours in the pool! #LOVINGLIFE” She posted a TwitPic of her with a few children. I’m not sure whose children they are though but the photo is in our gallery!

09/05: Torrie answered a few fan tweets. She tweeted saying that was her real Twitter. She also tweeted a fan in regards to Michelle McCool’s new born daughter. Torrie’s BFF Michelle had a baby girl late in August. Torrie tweeted: “I have seen her pics! And she already called me and said I’m her most favorite auntie! ; )” When a fan asked what she has been doing these days she tweeted: “working on lots of fun things involving my love for fitness! When the time is right I’ll be happy to share : )”

Also, Torrie tweeted about an accident Chloe had on the plane that night. I think she over shared a bit haha. She tweeted: “they have traveled with me for nearly 8 yrs…everywhere mommy goes, the babies follow! Seasoned travelers : )” — though all is well, I think Chloe had escaped her baggage and made a mess under someone’s seat — she tweeted a series of tweets about it and she must have gotten some odd responses as she then tweeted: “I choose to find the humor. #onlystiffscantlaughatthemself”

Other than that she has been pretty quiet. Check back Friday for the 1st Flashback Friday!

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