Sep 11 2012
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Torrie has been extremely quiet as far as news lately. Not much news to share and she’s also been quiet on social media. However, here is what there has been to report on this week.

09/09: Pretty sky! (She tweeted a photo of the night’s sky she took on a plane. Not sure where she was heading or coming from.) This photo was also posted on her Instagram & Facebook accounts.

09/10: Omg I’m hearing it’s Jerry Lawler. Was given wrong info…still big prayers. Not watching. Just going on the info given to me. Some of you need to GET A GRIP.

Our prayers are with Jerry, the King, Lawler who unfortunately suffered a heart attack during the Raw live show this past Monday. Torrie had mistakenly been told it was someone else when it was Jerry Lawler and she sent prayers his way. A few individuals criticized her for the mistake which led to some of the tweets that followed that she made. What matters is that we all have prayed and will continue to and I wish people would remain positive during such circumstances. It was an innocent mistake on her behalf. Torrie spent nearly 8 years with the WWE and all of those she worked with were like family to her.

09/11: Torrie tweeted and also posted on her Facebook: “Still remember the day of the 9/11 attacks like it was yesterday. Big prayers for all who have lost someone beloved. #WorldPeace” — would also like to say God Bless America in remembrance of 9/11. This week’s Flashback Friday will remember 9/11.

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