Oct 23 2012
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I’ve been getting tons of emails in regards to recent stories and allegations about people close to Torrie that have been circulating in the media as of late. Often, her name is mentioned from association and at times it can be positive, negative, supportive and/or hurtful towards all those involved in some capacity or another, though I respect that people have various opinions on the matter, I would just like to remain open minded as an online contributor. For me, it’s difficult to be in this position because I take pride in posting any and all news about our Boise Beauty and strive to deliver the latest on Torrie Wilson for all of her fans who visit. In this instance, it doesn’t relate to Torrie solely and out of respect for the people in the matter, I will not be posting any news about it. You can find it elsewhere on the net if you are not fully aware of what I am talking about.

However, I do not see any harm in photos and added a few new photos to the gallery of Torrie out and about recently. What I know for sure is that Torrie is very strong and overcomes all obstacles and that Torrie-Wilson.org will always deliver the best of Torrie Wilson! Today, check out photos (thanks to DailyMail.co.uk, INFPhoto.com & SplashNews.com) from Sunday, 10/21, of Torrie getting ready to head out on a boat on Miami Beach, with Chloe, Stewie & Pepper in hand and then out and about on Monday, 10/22, in Miami shopping. You will find all of these photos along with many others in the gallery! P.S. Love you, Tor!

*** I made some minor changes to the site. Be sure to hit the refresh button at the top to see the changes!

UPDATE – 10/25: Torrie tweeted: “God is great!!!” and had a brief conversation with two fans about it.

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