Oct 26 2012
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Raw 10/29/01 – Hurricane Helms & Mighty Molly defeated Tajiri & Torrie Wilson (non-Halloween themed)
Television Captures | Watch Video

SD 10/31/02 – Trick or Treat Match – Torrie the Dominatrix defeated Dawn Marie the Cop in a Chocolate Pit surrounded by food.
Television Captures | Watch Video

SD 10/30/03 – Trick or Treat Match – Torrie the Bunny defeated Dawn Marie the Wonder Woman in a Costume Contest & bobbing for apples in chocolate surrounded by Halloween props.
Television Captures | Watch Video

SD 10/28/04 – Trick or Treat Match – Torrie the Fairy vs Dawn Marie the Nurse in a Costume Contest. Jackie interferes.
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Raw 10/31/05 – Torrie was to take part in the Costume Contest w/ Victoria, Candice, Maria, Trish, Ashley and Mickie but was off Raw for personal issues. She also missed the Cyber Sunday Lingerie Battle Royal a few weeks prior.

Raw 10/30/06 – Torrie was backstage w/ Carlito. ECW had the Costume Contest that year. Television Captures

Sunday & Monday back to back, Torrie was a Washington Redskins Football player in the Cyber Sunday Halloween Costume Contest that Mickie won. On Raw, she was a Philadelphia Eagles Football player in a Costume Battle Royal. Kelly won.
Cyber Sunday PPV 10/28/07 – Television Captures | Watch Video
Raw 10/29/07 – Television Captures | Watch Video

Torrie left the WWE in early 2008 but WWE has continued Halloween themes, everyone can thank Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie!

Here’s an archived poll from last year that I had up for 2011’s Halloween Extravaganza. Since Halloween is just around the corner, here’s your chance to view Torrie’s WWE Halloween costumes and vote for your favorite via the poll below. Check back on Halloween, 10/31, for an additional set of Halloween costumes Torrie has worn post-WWE and you can vote for your favorite in that poll set, too. I’ll also have a basic special of Torrie in various costumes that she didn’t necessarily wear on Halloween but are fun none the less! Then on Friday, 11/02, the Flashback Friday will take you back to 1999 & 2000 with Torrie’s involvements in WCW’s Halloween Havoc pay-per-views! Enjoy and stay tuned!

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