Dec 07 2012
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At Fall Brawl 2000, WCW added yet another bizarre twist to the Scaffold Match — two female competitors. The contest itself is one of sports-entertainment’s riskiest, but the inclusion of Torrie Wilson and Madusa to the mix raised the stakes higher than before. The bitter and personal rivalry between Shane Douglas and Billy Kidman was sparked by Torrie’s allegiance to Douglas, and the highflier recruited Madusa to help him settle the score.

At the time, Torrie was not a full-time competitor and showed a great deal of trepidation on the platform. Madusa, however, was a former Women’s Champion and was ready for a fight. As all four competitors brawled on the scaffold, the dangers of the contest were truly highlighted when Madusa fell from the structure. Seizing the opportunity of two-on-one odds, Torrie helped Douglas fend off Kidman, and then watched as the former Cruiserweight Champion was unceremoniously thrown off the platform to the stage below.

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