Jan 01 2013
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Happy New Year everyone! Happy New Year to Torrie as well! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season!

As mentioned last week within the busy holiday week, the site has a new revamp for the new year and I mentioned a new weekly feature called “This Week In History” that is kind of like our Flashback Friday but of the whole week. So instead of Flashback Fridays, we will have our weekly This Week In History every Sunday, with the exception of this week.

Just to clarify, Week 1 is today (short week) and then Week 2 is this Sunday (starting the usual original 7 day week)!


It’s a new year, I want to relive Torrie’s entire career on a weekly basis so every Sunday, I will post Torrie’s week in history.

Week 01: This Week In History: January 01 – January 05

1999 – At this time of year, Torrie hadn’t debuted in WCW yet
2000 – At this time of year, Torrie wasn’t in a storyline in WCW
2001 – At this time of year, Torrie hadn’t debuted in WWE yet
2002 – Smackdown – 01/03/02 – Test harasses Torrie backstage; Tajiri w/ Torrie lost to Test – View Television Captures
2003 – Smackdown – 01/02/03 – Dawn Marie marries Torrie’s dad; Torrie talks to Billy Kidman – View Television Captures
2004 – At this time of year, Torrie wasn’t in a storyline in WWE

2005 – Velocity – 01/01/05 – Torrie ring announces & wishes everyone a Happy New Year! – View Television Captures

2006 – Raw – 01/02/06 – Vince’s Devils interrupt Maria’s Kiss Cam. Victoria says she is displeased with Maria and that she has a match with her. Torrie (w/ Chloe) & Candice watch on from ringside. Maria picks up the win by surprise and gets attacked by the trio. A gauntlet match is made for the New Year’s Resolution pay-per-view on Sunday! – View Television Captures

2007 – Raw – 01/01/07 – Torrie accompanied Carlito to the ring for his tag team match with Ric Flair against Kenny Dykstra and Chris Masters. Unfortunately, Carlito and Flair lost the match. – View Television Captures

2008-2010 – Torrie’s Retirement/Clothing Store/Other Ventures
2011-2012 – Torrie’s Retirement/Various Other Ventures

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