Jan 18 2013
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Monday Night Mayhem ( ‏@FeelTheMayhem ) recently had Torrie’s BFF Lisa Marie Varon aka WWE’s Victoria aka TNA’s Tara on their radio show and she briefly discussed the impact that Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson had on her career. She starts early on in the audio at 13:00 minutes and then again at 16:00 minutes.

When asked if she was convinced by Torrie & Trish to start wrestling she said: “Torrie Wilson and I came from fitness (as well as Trish Stratus) and I went backstage with Torrie at WCW to visit and see what she did. She was trying to get me into that company but it was going under at the time and I later talked to Chyna and told her I was friends with Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus.” — When asked about her meeting with WWF(E) she said: “I told them and compared myself to not having Torrie’s body type and had no wrestling experience but that I wanted to start training.”

If you recall, Torrie and Lisa Marie knew each other (as well as Trish Stratus) in the late 1990’s and Torrie and Trish went on to become apart of the wrestling business, both in 1999 and Lisa Marie later followed in 2000. She, Torrie and Candice were apart of Vince’s Devils in 2005 and 2006 and then she and Torrie had various matches throughout the rest of their careers there. Torrie’s last match was against “Victoria” and has always credited her with helping her in the ring. The two are very close and good friends outside of the ring as well.

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