Feb 09 2013
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Since the previous update, Torrie has posted more Instagram photos and a few of her friends have tweeted some. @Todd_Roy tweeted: “Sigh…having the worst day ever! Sometimes life sucks! With @AdrianneCurry @AliciaMarieBODY @Torrie11″ to which Torrie laughed. @AdrianneCurry tweeted: @Torrie11 it was nice to meet you, ignore the haters. Jealousy has driven them mad. Trolls should not be fed, beautiful! Xoxo” to which Torrie responded: “@AdrianneCurry great meeting you too love! I’ll start practicing my gaming skills so I can hang w/ you & @AliciaMarieBODY longer next time! ; )”

Torrie made more tweets of her own with a few photos: “This $1 item is how my back is going to feel good for a long flight. #staytuned #muscles #fitnesstools…” Later she said: “Ball on the butt muscles…oh ya that’s how you do it! #releasetension #lowbackpain #feelsgood #muscles” — when a fan asked: “Does that work on any chair and most back pain?” Torrie responded: “@sportsology I recommend laying on hard floor & putting pressure on sore muscles w/ the ball…holding minimum 30 seconds to release tension.” Torrie got a lot of responses for this unique exercise!

All of that happened yesterday and today Adrianne tweeted: “The lovely @Torrie11 and @AliciaMarieBODY stopped by my little apartment yesterday looking killer”, including a picture. Jim “JR” Ross also gave Torrie some Twitter love saying: “Torrie… I miss seeing you. Hope all’s well. Great athlete!” to which Torrie responded: “@JRsBBQ I miss you too JR! Hope you are great! : )”

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