May 05 2013
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5/01: She tweeted and posted on Facebook: “Be happy with nothing and you will be happy with everything : )”

5/02: She posted on Instagram: “Got my ass kicked today w/ Kristin at the Wild Card West Boxing Club & it felt oh so good. Thanks boys : )” — “Now this is some SERIOUS picture taking skills we got going on here #GirlTime #Friends #OutdoorFitness…”

It looks as if Torrie has been in Los Angeles the last week or so as last week she tweeted about friends, and friends (who live in Los Angeles) also tweeted about being with Torrie. This week it continues as I am pretty sure the Wild Card West Boxing Club is in/near LA and her stylist friend, @AlisonMKahn (from LA & seen above w/ Tor in three photos) tweeted about being w/ her.

It kind of comes off last week’s tweets about her trying out the new Fly Wheel Sports exercise which is indoor cycling that she did again this week on May 1st with Alison and then took real bicycles out and about the next day.

5/03: Torrie posted a new photo of Chloe on Instagram. Alison also posted a new photo of the two. Later that night, she visited BFF Lilian Garcia as Lilian tweeted: “Had so much fun last night getting surprised by Torrie Wilson! Good times! Love you!”

5/04: Torrie posted on Instagram which she shared on Facebook & Twitter: “I got pulled over today for forgetting my seatbelt..not for the dog who refuses to get off my shoulder. #wearaseatbelt #seatbeltsafety #chuhuahuagetoffmyshoulder #clickitorticket” including a picture of Pepper on her shoulder. Later she tweeted: “I’m in the mood to go sweat it out..if u haven’t today, get up & do something active with me! PROMISE u will be glad u did!”

5/05: Torrie posted on Instagram: “It was really hard to not leave the adoption fair without 10 dogs today but saw lots of doggies find a home. Good job @HarrisonForbes #NKLA #saveananimal #petlove”

5/07: Torrie tweeted: “SO proud of my girl @MickieJames today! Her new album is out & I just bought it…LOVE it! Check it out!”

5/08: Torrie tweeted: “Love Virgin America Airlines but their pet policy sucks, that’s for sure”


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