Jun 01 2013
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Monday, June 01, 2009 was the premiere of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, the second season for the USA after a 5 year hiatus. It premiered on NBC at 8 PM with a two hour special. On the debut episode, you got to meet the cast of 11 including former pro wrestler, Torrie Wilson, who was apart of the “Yellow Team”. However, when they got to camp, it was revealed that not only would their conditions be worse than originally thought, they would now be competing in teams of males vs females. The first show kicked off with a lot of drama and interesting moments as it became Spencer & Heidi “Speidi” (Pratt/Montag of the Hills) against the rest of camp. The duo threatened to quit at least 3 times and ended up returning, all within 24 hours.

There was a lot of in camp time that was shown of what the contestants would be doing, how they would be living and ALL of the drama that entailed. Speidi had their bouts with comedians Frangela (Frances & Angela) and our girl Torrie Wilson. Spencer said a lot of very mean things to Torrie. The two stayed through the night and made amends and all 11 contestants competed in the first Jungle Joe’s Food Trial to see which team would be eating a nice meal. Despite Torrie eating cow intestine, her team lost 5 to 2 and had to settle for rice and beans. As the show was ending, the 11 contestants competed in their first challenge for immunity to be saved from America’s vote, whichever male or female lasted longest in the “Trauma Tank”, their whole team would get immunity. Tune into Episode 2 on June 2nd! Absolutely NO peeking at future episodes! Hehe, stay tuned!

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