Jun 06 2013
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It’s a new year, I want to relive Torrie’s entire career on a weekly basis so every Sunday, I will post Torrie’s week in history.

Week 24: This Week In History: June 09 to June 15 – Will be posting TWIH on Thursdays now in June!

1999 – Torrie was not on television this week
2000 – Great American Bash PPV – 06/11/00 – Costs Kidman his match – View Television Captures
2001 – At this time of year, Torrie hadn’t debuted in WWE yet although she was signed to a contract
2002 – Torrie was not on television this week
2003 – Smackdown – 06/12/03 – Special Guest Ring Announcer – View Television Captures
2004 – Torrie was not on television this week
2005 – Torrie was not on television this week
2006 – Raw – 06/12/07 – Wet n Wild Match w/ Candice – View Television Captures
2007 – Raw – 06/11/07 – Torrie is drafted to Smackdown – View Television Captures
2008-2009 – Torrie’s Retirement/Clothing Store/Modeling/Others
In 2009, Torrie joined the cast for the summer series I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here reality show
The show aired on NBC Mon through Thurs from June 01st to June 24th – View Television Captures & Digital Photos
2010 – Torrie’s Retirement/Clothing Store/Modeling/Others
2011 – Torrie’s Retirement/Modeling/Fitness/Various Other Ventures
2012 – Torrie’s Retirement/Modeling/Fitness/Various Other Ventures

*** As far as a social media update or an update on Torrie, she posted her blog from Muscle & Fitness Hers on social media last Saturday 06/01 and then posted a quote on social media on Tuesday 06/04. Other than that, Torrie has not posted anything else on social media and I haven’t seen anything more as far as an “update” on what she’s doing, where she’s at, etc. It’s unusual for Torrie to be this quiet but she has been for quite some time now so hopefully everything is okay!

But be sure to stop by on June 8th as the I’m A Celebrity Series continues here at Torrie-Wilson.org!

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