Jun 10 2013
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009 was Episode 6 of the series. It started off with a brief recap of Monday night, there was no episode on Tuesday, instead 2 hours for this episode. It was hinted that a new member would be joining the camp. It immediately went to the Hang Tough trial for immunity that started on Monday night. Torrie was the last girl hanging but fell off 3rd to last next to Sanjaya and Lou who won. Voting immediately opened after the trial so America could vote to keep their favorites. In camp drama continued with Janice vs the camp because she eats all the food and does zero work. Holly Montag, Heidi’s sister joined the camp and she and Janice volunteered to take on Lou and Daniel in the food trial. The girls won and finally to eat a good meal! After dinner the drama with Janice heats up to a boiling point!

Later on the camp gets emotional as they open up with stories that have helped them make it through the tough times, moments that changed their lives and many got teary eyed and emotional. The next day, Lou pulls Janice aside because the camp has very strong feelings toward what she’s been doing and how she’s acting lately. That night it gets heated again when the camp calls out Janice all together. Torrie and Patti went on a luxury trial called Lumberjack Saw where they had to saw a piece of wood to reveal a math problem that led to a combination to unlock the stars and the win. Torrie and Patti beat the boys and were treated to a very nice massage! As the show was ending, it went live to the camp to announce voting and information and that one person would be going home on tomorrow’s show. So tune into Episode 7 on June 11th to see who stays and who goes! Absolutely NO peeking at future episodes! Hehe, stay tuned and enjoy!

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