Jun 11 2013
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Thursday, June 11, 2009 was Episode 7 of the series. It started off with a brief recap of the week and announced voting was closed and someone would leave the jungle tonight. In camp, the drama from the previous night continues with Janice and the camp is being eaten alive by bugs! Finally, they get some medicine to protect themselves from the various bites they’ve endured over the last two weeks. Sanjaya and Holly were chosen to do the next food trial where they had to walk a line in the air to retrieve food items in a cart. Sanjay won and the boys get to eat a good meal once again!

Later in camp, they decided to share when they got their big breaks. Patty breaks down with the idea of the question. Fireworks are starting between Sanjaya and Holly, although they deny being interested in one another. Lou, as the leader, got to talk to his family and two others Daniel and Patty also got picked to talk to their families. They eat dinner then and exchange stories about what their favorite moments with one another were. It goes live to camp then and it is announced that Daniel would be going home. They preview the next few challenges as Daniel is shown leaving the jungle and the camp waves goodbye to him! Tune into Episode 8 on June 15th as the series continues into week 3!

Absolutely NO peeking at future episodes! Hehe, stay tuned! We are half way through the series! I hope you’re enjoying it!

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