Jun 17 2013
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009 was Epiosde 10 of the series. It started off with a brief recap of the previous night and announced voting. In camp, they are woken up for another morning and Janice reveals she had this dream about a blonde woman who might have been Torrie that shaved her hair and she jumped in the river to be saved….. haha. Steven, ever the joker, plays with her about dreams and dying then it gets serious when she starts to cry and he’s happy with their revolution. Afterward, Torrie wakes up late and breaks down a little because she’s lonely and is feeling homesick. She misses her friends and family and doesn’t go this long without talking to them. She says she doesn’t want to leave but 8 more days seems hard for her. She says she likes the people there but misses being comfortable and showers and with people who know her. Patti and Sanjaya comfort her. Later, the camp gets art kits to draw self portraits of themselves and their favorite situation in the jungle. When they were showing their drawings, it didn’t look like Torrie or Lou took part in it, not sure why. They joke around about them being a dysfunctional family and the roles they play then it’s time for the next food trial. The boys agree on John and Steven and then Janice volunteers herself and Patti agrees she will, too. Janice makes some off comments that makes Torrie walk away.

Torrie says she’s glad Janice is away from her because of the negative energy that Janice always has. At the trial, Spider Web, they had to race around a web to collect the most stars. The guys win AGAIN. Janice is a little bitter after the loss. The camp begins to question John and Patti’s very close relationship. They are always off together and then clips are shown about things they talk about. They said some not so very nice things about every member in camp including Torrie. People question what Patti’s motives are for the game and John’s for publicity. The camp doesn’t think Patti is as innocent as she seems. John rubs Sanjaya the wrong way during dinner and makes a fuss about others cooking. The camp then turns their focus on worrying about the double elimination. The hosts come in with voting information as the show ends. Tune into Episode 11 on June 18th as the series continues in week 3! Absolutely NO peeking at future episodes!

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