Jun 18 2013
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Thursday, June 18, 2009 was Epiosde 11 of the series. It started off with a brief recap of the previous night and announced someone would be leaving camp tonight. It was immediately revealed that the camp was no longer competing in teams, instead individually. Janice rubs Holly the wrong way when she is on a war path again then the camp gets WRESTLING GEAR to head to a mud pit for the next food trial! Torrie says this is right up her alley and she’s going to win! They all put on outfits that look ridiculous and give themselves names. Torrie is “Torrie the Tormentor”. The prize was pizza and Sanjaya, Patti and Lou are the only ones who found stars to get pizza. The hosts come back to announce Sanjaya and Torrie are safe and Holly is the first of two to leave the jungle tonight. At dinner John and Janice get into it again then the hosts reveal that Steven and Patti are safe and Janice would be going home. Afterward, the remaining camp members get letters from home. They read each others’ letters. Torrie reads Lou’s and then Steven reads Torrie’s who came from her then boyfriend Nick and it made Torrie emotional as he wrote some very nice things to her. Torrie says that her letter will push her to the very end and she will do whatever it takes to win. The show ends with the hosts talking to Holly and Janice after their elimination and gives a preview to the next episode. Tune into Episode 12 on June 22nd as the series continues into week 4, the final week with just 3 episodes left!

Absolutely NO peeking at future episodes! I hope you are all enjoying the series thus far! Stay tuned!

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