Jun 24 2013
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 was Episode 14 of the series, the finale. It started off with a brief recap of the previous weeks and the previous nights. It gives a big recap of the whole series so far then. They go to camp where the 3 remaining members are sitting patiently. They say they have to go fight for food. Back with the hosts are all the other contestants that didn’t make it to the finale waiting for the others to join them later on. At the next food trial, the trio compete in Spa Contest where in order to eat they had to visit two of 6 spa treatments to get 4 stars. Torrie had to get her “hair washed” in a sink with cockroaches and other bugs then dive in a hot tub with little crocadiles. She kisses one after she receieved her 4th star because they were nice!

All three got their stars and get to eat. Back at camp the hosts ask them questions about the finale and tell Torrie that she’s the only one to survive all of the public votings! They reunite briefly with all the other contestants and eat their final meal and talk about why they want to win and show clips of what they thought of each other. Back reunited for the voting results, it is announced that John Salley is the next eliminated leaving Torrie and Lou Diamond Phillips to be crowned the winner. It’s then announced that Lou is the winner, King of the Jungle and Torrie is the runner up! That concludes the series here at Torrie-Wilson.org and I hope you enjoyed it! Torrie did a TORRIFIC job on the show! Such a great show to see!

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