Jul 23 2013
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As promised, (on Tues because 7/24 is Tor’s b-day) here’s the second installment of this year’s summer sizzler, running for 5 weeks, every Wednesday for the entire month of July! Last year we did a summer sizzler for the entire course of the summer, 15 weeks from June through August. I wanted to change it up a bit this year since we aired the I’m A Celebrity Series in June and I will be doing something different for August. So you can check out our entire 15 week summer sizzler from last year via the link below. Last year we did a recap of all of Torrie’s sizzling career moments since 1998 from her fitness days, to wrestling days, to modeling days and other ventures. This year is just her most sizzling photoshoots EVER! The first week we paid homage to our glorious country (shoutout to international visitors though) of America in which Torrie lives with Torrie’s most sizzling “All American Girl” themed photoshoots! The second installment paid homage to Torrie’s WWE Divas on location sizzling photoshoots. The third installment aid homage to Torrie’s most sizzling studio shoots and the fourth installment is paying homage to her sizzling WWE studio shoots! Enjoy! Tune in next Wednesday for week five, final week!

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