Aug 07 2013
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Torrie did post a bit more on social media this past week. Here are the latest since the last few social media updates:

To recap the last few weeks, Torrie was in Pennsylvania in mid-July, then my guess is back to Florida at the end of July and was just in New Jersey early August and now currently is in Chicago, following the baseball schedule as she has tweeted about being there and posted photos.

7/28: She posted a unique photo on Instagram of make up done by a child; my guess is she was in Florida at this time.
7/30: She posted a photo of little Pepper hiding under a blanket.
8/02: “Home run!” She posted a photo on Instagram at a baseball game.
8/03: She posted a photo on Instagram at the Princeton College.
8/04: She posted a photo of a beautiful sunset sky.
8/05: She posted on Instagram of her and a friend in Chicago.

Based on following the baseball news and such, if things continue, she should be in New York later this week into next week before heading to Boston. I’ll try to keep up with her, but things may change. Torrie’s doing well, very busy with her travels and personal life but she is okay, no worries! I’m glad to see her posting more!

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