It’s a new year, I want to relive Torrie’s entire career on a weekly basis so every Sunday, I will post Torrie’s week in history.

Week 34: This Week In History: August 18 to August 24

1999 – Torrie was not on television this week
2000 – Torrie was not on television this week
2001 – Heat – 08/19/01 – Torrie/Stacy/Ivory lost to Lita/Molly/Jackie – View Television Captures
Raw – 08/20/01 – Torrie/Stacy/Ivory lost to Lita/Molly/Jackie – View Television Captures
2002 – Torrie was not on television this week
2003 – Smackdown – 08/21/03 – Accompanied Billy Gunn – View Television Captures
2004 – Torrie was not on television this week
2005 – SummerSlam – 08/21/05 – SummerSlam Car Wash – View Television Captures
Raw – 08/22/06 – Torrie & Candice return to Raw – View Television Captures
2006 – SummerSlam – 08/20/06 – Divas Welcome Diva Search Winner – View Television Captures
Raw – 08/21/06 – Briefly shown backstage – View Television Captures
ECW – 08/22/06 – Bikini Contest Goes Extreme – View Television Captures
2007 – Smackdown – 08/24/07 – Divas Bikini Contest w/ Mae Young – View Television Captures
SNME – 08/18/07 – Divas sit ringside for matches – View Television Captures
2008-2009 – Torrie’s Retirement/Clothing Store/Modeling/Others
2010 – Torrie’s Retirement/Clothing Store/Modeling/Others
2011 – Torrie’s Retirement/Modeling/Fitness/Various Other Ventures
2012 – Torrie’s Retirement/Modeling/Fitness/Various Other Ventures

Torrie has not made many social media updates. She posted a man asleep in a workout chair, a man with muscles, a picture with her friend Jessie and then a little car. She also tweeted the M&F Hers new video that we already updated with. So really there was only one new thing besides the video related to Torrie on 8/16 of her with Jessie that she posted on Instagram.

To recap August, Torrie was in California the first couple days of August before heading to the Windy City, Chicago. She hinted at being there when she posted a photo on Instagram about it. Later that week it was New York & she was spotted at a game to confirm that before heading to Boston this past weekend. If she continues to follow the Yankees schedule, she will be in New York a few days this week before heading down to Florida and then rounding out August back in New York as well as the first week of September. I will keep you updated on that schedule then in the weeks ahead so stay tuned!

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Torrie Anne Wilson, 45, is a fitness icon, model, actress and retired American professional wrestler. She is best known for her tenures in WCW & WWE, where she worked on their various brands throughout her 10 year run. Aside from wrestling, Torrie has been on the cover of various magazines, including Oxygen, FHM and Playboy, which she posed for twice. Torrie has also appeared on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here reality show as well as several other television shows. She has also ventured into business via the fashion & clothing industry. Torrie is currently a health coach for in addition to other miscellaneous projects. She became a WWE Hall of Famer in 2019. MORE >>>



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