Aug 29 2013
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Since our last social media update on the 18th, Torrie has not made many social media updates. Since last posting a picture of her and her friend, Jessie on the 16th, she posted some quotes and other photos on Instagram of a car and a dog sign. She has not posted anything on Twitter or Facebook. She did however Instagram a throwback from this past July when she was celebrating her birthday on the beach with friends!

To recap August, Torrie was in California the first couple days of August before heading to the Windy City, Chicago. She hinted at being there when she posted a photo on Instagram about it. Later that week it was New York & she was spotted at a game to confirm that before heading to Boston that next weekend.

Continuing to follow the Yankees schedule, she was in New York a few days last week before heading down to Florida and then rounded out August back in New York and will be the first week of September. I will keep you updated on her whereabouts!

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