Sep 12 2013
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9/10: With my boo & it feels so good…lalala. #girltimeisthebest #needmyboobear #realfriendsrock #funnygal #texasgirl #knowsmebetterthanIdo

9/11: She posted on Instagram a photo of a flag on the beach for 9/11

UPDATE – 9/15: No place like the beach! #Godscreation #Icouldsleephere #amazing #nevergetsold

Continuing to follow the Yankees schedule, she was in New York the first week of September. Last week, Baltimore then Boston. This week, Toronto then New York that weekend into the next week and rounding out September in Texas. It looks as if at some point this week Torrie was in California kind of based on the beach picture and her friend Alison is from California but has come to New York and Florida to see Torrie so it could be either/or. I will keep you updated on her whereabouts!

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