Twitter: Here are a series of tweets she has made this week. Torrie has not tweeted since August and she surprisingly tweeted a few fans back after a very, very long hiatus of tweeting anything.

10/02: Get your greens! Mine is spinach, kale, apple & mint leaves. Sometimes it’s much easier to just drink my veggies : )
She tweeted a fan, “yummy” when they mentioned their fruit over her veggies.
She tweeted a fan who asked if it was a juice or blend: “vitamix blender…so I get every little leaf : )”
She tweeted a fan who questioned her “horrible” blend: “haha! The apple makes it taste better”.
She tweeted a fan who asked if she was still running: “a little but not like I was. Prefer circuits with weights now”.
She tweeted our own visitor Kelly “xo” when she expressed how much Torrie was indeed missed on social media!!
Lastly, she tweeted: “Never let naysayers dictate your life! NEVER EVER!”

Intagram: Here are a series of posts she’s made since our last social media update on 9/20.

9/22 – She posted a photo of a pig… haha yes a pig!
9/26 – She posted a photo of her with little Gia: “Pumpkin carving with my girl Gia in the hotel room. #lovemygirls #pumpkin #girltime stay tuned for video” – she followed up with a video, too.
9/28: She posted a photo of her with her friend: “Love my girlie!”
9/29: She posted a photo of herself: “Happy Sunday! Kisses! and I’m off! #selfiesunday #imisstexas #lovemytexaspeeps”
9/30: She posted a photo of herself: “Time for some LUNGES! Who’s in?! #lateworkout #fit #fitness #workthoseglutes #tiredalready #letsdothis #motivate #gym”
10/4: She posted a photo of an eating area: “What a cute looking little happy place in the middle of the mall : ) #Hermes #Iwilladmirefromafar #nicebutcantgraspthecost”
10/4: She posted a photo of a quote: “So true! We gotta stick together girls!!”

Facebook: Torrie posted for the first time since July about her new Phenix Salon project that we reported at the time of release back in September and then asked us to: “Check out the new Ash by Phenix from Phenix Salon Suites! : )” on October 1st. She followed up the next day on the 2nd with a quote: “Never let naysayers dictate your life! NEVER EVER!”

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