Oct 17 2013
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As reported, Torrie did an interview on TheLayfieldReport.com with Behind the Microphone! Here’s a brief recap as Torrie talks about her entire career from fitness modeling, WCW to WWE, her clothing line through today with Phenix Salon and her new projects! Torrie also mentions that she likes Total Divas! Check out the recap! You can listen to the audio version below.

Gerry introduced Torrie with an excellent intro! “One of the most ground breaking, history making, WWE Divas, Torrie Wilson!” He says they will be talking about what it was like for her role in the WWE up through today beyond the mat. They start at the beginning with fitness modeling. He says some people may know about fitness modeling but then they might not know all about it. She says that it is getting more and more known and like wrestling people might not get it, like understand it. When you were fitness modeling, you did magazines and competitions but what else did you do? She goes back awhile before saying she had an eating disorder and looking at fitness models, she followed their diets and exercise routines and that helped her get out of her eating disorder. She said she did one competition and then got a lot of offers after that to go to Los Angeles from Boise [Idaho]. Tell your general story about how you got into wrestling.

She said doing fitness, she moved to Los Angeles and she had the same agent as Hulk Hogan at the time and she and an ex boyfriend went to a WCW wrestling show and got to go backstage to meet the wrestlers and was approached by Kevin Nash to ask if she would be apart of a storyline and she said yeah and they called her up and flew her to Atlanta and she started doing little vignettes (backstage video segments to go into the storyline). She said within 6 months, they offered her a contract and she said it was exciting for her being a small town girl from Idaho. She didn’t have prior knowledge of wrestling and had no idea what she was getting herself into. Did you get physical a lot during your time in WCW? Were you pressured to wrestle or anything? She said no, she didn’t do very much of that and wanted to be an actress but realized after watching her vignettes, it wasn’t necessarily the best. She said she had no desire to be a wrestler and toward the end, they did want them all to wrestle and that’s when she started learning to wrestle.

Did you see it as an acting gig? She said yeah but not really, just a way to get on camera and it was a great way to get her face out there. For her, most importantly was getting to see the country, to see the world. What was the reception of you from people knowing you didn’t have prior wrestling experience. Was there any period of needing to earn respect? Was there resentment from people who you may have took camera time from? She said yes and probably more than what she had a clue about because it was all so crazy to her. She said she could feel the animosity. She said she was incredibly shy and her mom would call and say who is this girl on tv? [Because she was so shy.] She had a great agent who flew her in first class and dropped off in a limo. She said she had no clue she was going to be pissing people off and she was shy. No one ever told her to go shake hands or how to be and she was very intimidated. She said later on people told her to do that and “show her the ropes” so to speak backstage.

She said people will always feel like they deserve more tv time than you. He says that people might give those they think are weak a harder time but she was an athlete of a different kind, a fitness model, there had to be a level of respect from those who understood body building? She said it probably helped as it was different than hiring a bikini model, that she was an athlete. She said it helped that she had the same agent as Hulk Hogan and he said to watch her back and that Kevin Nash felt partially responsible for her so it wasn’t as bad as you probably think. He mentions that as she was becoming a popular person there and the demise of WCW and being bought by WWE. Did she ever think she’d be in this for a the long haul? She said never, ever, ever. She said it’d be fun to do for a couple years and go with the flow. She said she never had things planned out and that it was fun and a great experience. She said probably a month in, she’d see people waiting at the gate as she got off the airplane and didn’t realize how big this whole wrestling thing was. She never knew how long.

After WCW was bought by WWE, many were brought to WWE, some waited out their contracts and some just disappeared, how was that for you? She said toward the end she signed a new 2 year contract and and they wanted to cut it in half and she said okay I’m not going to opt for the 2nd year and would go back to LA to do things. She said she was dating Billy [Kidman] at the time and he had a meeting with the WWE and then got her a meeting the same day. Gerry said she probably thought that was the end and they pulled her back in and she said totally! How long did it take after WCW was bought? She said it was very soon after. She already signed with them when they announced the purchase. He said she was one of the ex WCW people to get on tv quickly and heavily. How was the reception of you in WWE after beginning in a new locker room of Divas and how did that go with people who had way more experience than you? She said she knew more of what you should do and that there were some girls who weren’t very nice to her but hoped they’d warm up to her and they did. Was it an immediate busier schedule? She said yes and she always thought of WWE as the superior product and she wanted to learn how to wrestle and be begged to be hit with a chair, a lot of things that they wouldn’t let her do because there was a different feeling about wrestling when she got there that she really wanted to learn.

He asked if that was it, once she got there, she wanted to be a legitimate wrestler and thoughts of leaving the business went away and she said yeah. Who were your initial trainers? She said Fit Finlay was a big part of the group that trained her including Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson and Billy Kidman. She said the thing about wrestlers is that you really have to love wrestling to live that lifestyle and that those guys lived and breathed it and there were always people wanting to teach her. He asked her then if she loved it. She said at times it was hard dealing with the people who didn’t want her to be there or those who were unhappy themselves. She said she did love it though, she loved going out in front of the crowd even if she wasn’t the best wrestler and for the most part liked everyone and did fall in love with it. He asked if acting and being shy, was she looking for an outlet to be outgoing and she said yes there’s safety to going out there and playing a character on tv and the rush was unbelievable even though she did get nervous. What is a typical week of being WWE Diva Torrie Wilson, at the busiest? She said there were 4 shows minimum and on weeks that were busy, she’d get the chance to have one day to come home and repack. She then talked about the schedule of traveling going from the US to overseas and back and being on the road for 3 weeks and only having 3 days off in the midst of that. He asked her if the traveling was fulfilling or was she too busy to be able to really see things. She said it was always fulfilling but liked to have more time to actually see places like London or Paris. She said she use to always take time to see the places rather than sleep.

She mentioned the small towns and the gas stations and gyms and that she was just at a place in New Jersey that brought back those memories of being on the road with Victoria and Candice Michelle and how much she cherished all of those memories. He brings up Fit Finlay again and how much he’s praised for the women’s division and she said he just really cared and had a vested interest into helping them and saw their value. She said he was extremely patient and worked with the limitations and made a point to always make them feel comfortable. He says she was one of the most popular WWE Divas of all time. How was it with people and fans having ways to find them and how was it dealing with that fan love? She said it was never unsettling and that wrestling fans are the best. They feel like they know you and that she feels like she knows them and there’s an immediate kinship and she never felt weird. She said it’s amazing every where you go to have someone come up to you to tell you they appreciate what you do and he says that’s the nicest thing he’s ever heard anyone say about anything.

He asks if she was happy with her career overall and she said yes and wishes she had more desire to be better in the ring early on. She said she wouldn’t change anything about the 9 years she was doing it. She said the last year or so she was getting tired of the traveling that really slowed her down because she had back surgery because her back would lock up. She said she started to miss the little things of being with family or going to a wedding and the travel just got too hard for her. Do you look back and do you miss the outlook and rush that you spoke about? She said when she puts wrestling on, she gets chills when she sees someone come out and it makes her miss the crowd of having people cheer about what you’re doing. He mentions after she left wrestling she opened a store and she said yes she opened a store in Texas and did a clothing line as well. She said she’s always been a bit of an entrepreneur and that was also why she didn’t want to travel as much. She said she may have went to the extreme with having a normal life going from that schedule, it was a big adjustment. He brings up her newest project, Phenix Salon Suites and she said yes she’s working as their spokesperson and they have products coming out and wanted someone to help promote them. She said she first tried the products to make sure she liked them, she’s a girl, she likes those kinds of things. He says she will always have the label of being a Diva. She gives more info on their chain.

He plugs their website and tells people to check out the products and that Torrie fully backs it and it’s Diva approved. He brings up Total Divas and she says she has seen it and that she loves it. He asks if any of it rings true and she said they are keeping it real. She thought about how it would’ve been if they had the show when she was traveling with Candice Michelle and Victoria. He laughs and says the new girls are tame! She said thank God the cameras weren’t rolling then and that she loves those girls [Victoria & CM]. He says a tell all book might be in her future, she said possibly. He asks would she ever return to sports or entertainment? She said yeah some. She said she’s been working on fitness related products and working on a show right now that she’s co producing about the fitness world. She isn’t shy of the camera yet. He asks if being in front of the camera helped her get away from being shy and she said definitely and the fact that she was beating people up. She said it’s definitely a topic of conversation now. He asks her about social media and she plugs her accounts. He and she both said you just never know if she might pop up on Monday or Friday nights! They thank each other and that’s it!


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